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ECE Members at CIES 219
SIG Leadership
Christiana Kallon Kelly (Co-Chair)
Headshot_Christiana Kallon.jpg

Christiana Kallon is a 2nd year doctoral student in Education, Culture and Society at the University of Pennsylvania. She holds an MS.Ed. in International Educational Development from the same university and a BA in Sociology from The College of William & Mary. Christiana is originally from Freetown, Sierra Leone but grew up in Pakistan, Kenya, Uganda and Bangladesh. She has also lived and worked in Jordan and Senegal.  She is interested in issues surrounding education, gender, the state and post-conflict reconstruction.  For 

her dissertation, Christiana is hoping to explore the effects of educational reforms on the social identities and experiences of young women in Sierra Leone during the country's post-civil war era.  

Anne Corwith (Unit Planner)
Corwith Photo_edited.jpg

Anne Corwith received her Ph.D. in International Education Policy focused on Education in Emergencies at the University of Maryland, College Park in August 2020. Her dissertation explores the concepts of disaster risk reduction and resiliency of educators in rural villages of Nepal after the 2015 earthquake. She holds an MPA in International Management from the Monterey Institute of International Studies (now the Middlebury Institute).

Anne teaches a graduate level course on Education in Conflict and Emergencies (ECE) and in 2017 founded the University of Maryland ECE graduate student organization to expand awareness of EiE on campus and to the broader community. Previously, Anne worked at the Institute of International Education on U.S. Department of State Fulbright programs as Director of Finance and Administration. Anne spent seven years working on educational programs in Russia, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan and Switzerland. While completing her Masters Degree, Anne was an Americorps volunteer and then worked with the American Red Cross in Salinas, California. She is conversant in French, Russian and Spanish.

Andrew Swindell (Co-Chair)

Andrew Swindell is a doctoral candidate in International and Comparative Education at the Graduate School of Education & Information Studies, UCLA. His research interests include school choice policy in the United States and Non-State schooling in emergency contexts Myanmar. He has worked as a foreign aid practitioner in Liberia and a K-12 teacher in Thailand and Myanmar. He holds a master’s degree in education from the University of Missouri and a

bachelor’s degree in economics from Bucknell University. Andrew can be reached at

Emily Dunlop (Secretariat)

Emily Dunlop is a Ph.D. Candidate in International Education at NYU Steinhardt. Her research focuses on the relationships between political institutions, education, and perceptions of inequality in post-conflict countries. Her dissertation, From Policy to Perceptions of Peace?: How Youth Perceive Changing Education Inequalities in Post-Conflict Burundi, explores these relationships in secondary schools and universities in Post-War Burundi. She has taught courses in International and Global Education, and

Quantitative Research Methods. Emily obtained a Masters Degree from the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education/University of Toronto in Comparative International and Development Education and has extensive experience working as a teacher and curriculum developer in Canada, the UK, and Rwanda. She has field experience in Burundi and Kenya.

Sheena Harris (Unit Planner)

Sheena Harris is a doctoral candidate in Comparative and International Development Education at the University of Minnesota. For her dissertation research, she is interested in post-conflict history education and historical memory in Timor-Leste. She has previously taught English as a second and foreign language to immigrants and university level students in the United States and high school students in Italy. She speaks Indonesian and can understand some Portuguese and Tetun, has experience in Thailand, 

Cambodia, Indonesia, Timor-Leste, Italy and Portugal, and currently devotes some of her time to volunteering virtually with the Asia Justice and Rights Society (AJAR), a non-profit dedicated to human rights and transitional justice in the Asia-Pacific region.

Myuri Komaragiri (Unit Planner)

Myuri is a doctoral student at OISE University of Toronto (Uoft) in Higher Education, where she leads the Education, Conflict and Peacebuilding Interest Group. Her research interests are in the role of higher education in the humanitarian-development-peace nexus, which stems from field experience on education projects in Guatemala, Morocco, and Jordan,  Her M.A was in Education and International Development at University College London (IOE). Myuri is currently the Program Coordinator for the 

International Development Studies program at UofT and a Learning Support Officer at Global Affairs Canada's Peace and Stabilization Operations Program (PSOPs).

Masuma Moravej (Awards Coordinator)

Masuma is doctorate candidate in Comparative and International Education at Lehigh University in Pennsylvania. Her research explores the intersection of higher education, empowerment and conflict. She is interested in studying higher education and conflict, women’s empowerment, and cross-cultural adaptation among second-generation immigrants and international students who return to their countries of origins. Currently, she is working for a social venture from Lehigh University helping the  people 

people of Sierra Leone to improve maternal health. She has earned a master’s degree in Communication from University of Ottawa in Canada. She has worked for educational projects from Work Bank, Ball State University and Deutsche Gesellschaft Für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ). She has done fellowships in countries such as Canada, Turkey, South Korea and USA.

Tracie Jarrard (Newsletter & Social Media Coordinator)

Tracie is a second-year MA student at Teachers College, Columbia University in the International Educational Development program with a concentration in International Policy and Planning. She received her BA at Baylor University in Waco, TX in International Studies. She was an early childhood educator in Hong Kong for five years before attending Teachers College. Her research is in early childhood policies with a specific interest in policies affecting young children in emergency and crisis contexts. She

has been involved in multiple research projects while at Teachers College where she has studied the role of play in early learning and the extent to which picture books influence early mathematical skills. 

Thank you to everyone who has served in ECE Leadership
Dr. Mieke Lopes Cardozo (Founder & Former Co-Chair)

Dr. Mieke Lopes Cardozo (SIG Co-Chair) is assistant professor at the Amsterdam Institute for Social Science Research of the University of Amsterdam. She has an academic background in International Relations, Conflict Studies, Latin American Studies (University of Utrecht) and International Development Studies (University of Amsterdam). Mieke coordinates several international research projects and consortia, all focused on the role of education for peacebuilding 

in conflict-affected regions. Her research revolves around education’s role in social justice and peacebuilding, with a specific interest in teachers (training, agency), gender, and (non)formal peace building education focused on youth agency. Geographically, her research focuses on Bolivia, Indonesia, Myanmar and Sri Lanka. Mieke lectures in several BA and MA courses within the International Development Studies department at the University of Amsterdam, including the MA course The Politics of Education, Conflict and International Development. She is involved in GLOBED, an EU Erasmus Mundus Plus-funded joint Masters on Education Policies for Global Development, a board member of the Amsterdam Research Centre on Gender and Sexuality (ARC-GS) and a member of the Working Group on Education and Fragility of the International Network for Education in Emergencies.

Samah Al-Sabbagh (Former Co-Chair) 

Mrs. Samah Al-Sabbagh is a Research Specialist at Reach Out to Asia (ROTA) a program of Education Above All Foundation. She established the research section and is currently involved in researching different topics about education in development and post crisis context. Previously, Samah was a Senior Research Associate at Carnegie Mellon University Qatar and conducted extensive research in that capacity and in her role as a Senior

Educational Researcher at Barwa Knowledge. She held senior management positions at the ministry as well as national and international schools. As part of her contributions to education, she published papers and presented at national and international conferences. Samah is an active member of PTAs, served as a member of board of directors and chaired a Parent Advisory Council. Samah holds a Masters in Educational Leadership and currently pursuing her PhD. She inspires to have the opportunity to contribute to influential, reforming environments, to guide and create generations ready to lead and build the future.

Dr. S. Garnett Russell (Founder & Former Co-Chair)

Susan “Garnett” Russell is an Assistant Professor of International and Comparative Education at Columbia University, Teachers College. Her research focuses on areas linked to education and conflict, transitional justice, human rights education, citizenship, and gender in Sub-Saharan Africa, including Rwanda, South Africa, and Burundi. She directs the George Clement Bond Center for African Education. Currently, she is carrying out research 

with a team on access to education for urban refugees in Ecuador, Lebanon, Kenya and other countries in the global south. In addition, she serves as a co-chair of the CIES SIG for Education, Conflict, and Emergencies, co-chair of the Inter-Agency Network for Education in Emergencies (INEE) Education Policy Working Group, and is also a board member for the Journal on Education in Emergencies. Professor Russell has a PhD from Stanford University, an MA from the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS) and a BA from Stanford University.

Dr. Diana Rodríguez Gómez (Former Co-Chair)

Diana Rodríguez Gómez is an Assistant Professor in the School of Education at Universidad de Los Andes in her hometown Bogotá, Colombia. Her academic and teaching interests gravitate around the intersections of violence and education in Latin America, especially in countries affected by the War on Drugs. Through an ethnographic approach that includes visual methods, her research delves into the social processes that link global and national policies with classroom practices in contexts affected by violence. More generally, her areas

of research include forced migration, armed conflict and education, education in emergencies, and the anthropology of education. Dr. Rodríguez Gómez holds an Ed.D. in International Educational Development with an emphasis on Human Rights and Peace Education from Teachers College, Columbia University. 

Elisheva Cohen (Former Co-Chair)

Elisheva (Elly) Cohen is a Postdoctoral Fellow in International Issues and Sustainable Development at the Indiana University Center for the Study of Global Change. She holds a PhD from the University of Minnesota in Comparative and International Development Education, where she focused on education in conflict and crisis, particularly in the Middle East. Her dissertation research used ethnographic methods to explore the experiences of 

inclusion and belonging among Syrian refugee youth in non-formal educational spaces in Jordan. 

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