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CIES 2021 ECE SIG Call for Submissions


The 2021 CIES Annual Conference will be held held in person (if possible), April 25-29, 2021 in Seattle and virtually from April 25- May 2.


The Education, Conflict, and Emergencies SIG invites (but does not require) paper and panel submissions for CIES 2021 that draw connections between the conference theme, Social Responsibility within Changing Contexts, and education during armed conflict and natural disasters; post-conflict and post-disaster educational reconstruction; and the relationships between educational provision and peace-building, transitional justice, and resilience. 


We also acknowledge that nearly every school, teacher, student, and education system on Earth is now operating in an emergency context due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Simultaneously, global protest movements for racial and social justice have exposed the long-standing systemic emergencies and conflict which are manifest in so many institutions the world over, including education. Accordingly, we also invite submissions that address the following questions/themes specifically:


1) How should international education scholars/practitioners (re)define, understand, and conceptualize the term ‘emergency’? In other words, does the concept of ECE need to be expanded or altered?

2) What lessons have been learned by teachers, students, scholars, and/or practitioners since many education delivery systems were no longer able to be performed in person given the COVID-19 pandemic?

3) How can education help to address conflict, emergency, and violent contexts brought about by systemic racial/social injustice and systems of oppression?

To submit, please visit the 2021 CIES Annual Conference page


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